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What is a Lone Worker? Four Questions to Ask

It’s estimated that 25 million workers work alone across North America. Answer these four questions to identify if your employees are one of them.



Many employers may be putting their employees at risk without even knowing it. It’s not always easy for employers to identify which of their employees might be classified as “lone workers.” Yet employers have a moral and a legal obligation to keep all of their workers safe. Learn how to find out if an employee qualifies as a lone worker.

What defines a lone worker?

A lone worker is anyone who works alone without close supervision. The problem is sometimes employers and managers can overlook “lone worker” scenarios. For example, “road warriors” such as your traveling sales executives are lone workers. A cable technician is a lone worker, as is a realtor showing homes to prospective buyers. Yet how many employers have a lone worker safety plan for these workers? Without a plan, managers for lone worker safety are potentially putting their employees at risk as they work alone, and are also leaving their companies open to fines and other sanctions by the government.


Four questions to assess lone worker status 

Many employers may be putting their employees at risk by failing to develop and implement a lone worker safety solution. These employees are overlooked, often because as mentioned above they don’t conform to the traditional image of a lone worker. So, here are four questions that can help managers quickly determine which of their employees is working alone, and start the process of truly keeping them safe:

  1. Presence
    Are other people in the vicinity when they are working?

  2. Awareness
    Can nearby people provide assistance? Is anyone else aware of emergency needs?

  3. Willingness
    Is it reasonable to expect other people will provide assistance if needed?

  4. Timeliness
    Will assistance be provided within a reasonable period of time?

As a manager, if you cannot confidently answer "yes" to all of those questions, then your employee is working alone or in isolation.


How SafetyAware protects lone workers


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