Real-time safety with reliable lone-worker safety devices

Tap into a worker-centric ecosystem that’s hardware agnostic and that easily adapts to any safety device for quick and seamless deployment. 

We offer multiple network connectivity options –including 4G/5G, Satellite, WiFi, and Bluetooth– as well as a myriad of devices which you can choose from to fit your employees’ needs, including personal or work-provided smartphones, wearables, satellite devices, gas detectors, and more.


Generate real-time alerts


Instantly get in touch


Receive professional assistance

Bridge the gap between you and your lone workers

Choose from a variety of devices to fit your employees needs, no matter their role

Belle X Series SOS

Belle X Series SOS and fall detection wearable

The Belle X 4G LTE cellular device keeps your lone and at-risk workers safer with just a click of a button. This lightweight, one-touch lone-worker safety device fully integrates into Aware360’s connected worker platform, allowing workers to check-in and giving managers full visibility of any irregular event. As a low-cost alternative, the device’s integration with SafetyAware offers:


Group 108Fall detection

Group 108SOS alerts

Group 108A one-touch operation and Braille button

Group 108Two-way voice-connect with a 24/7 monitor

Group 108Sign-on, sign-off, and check-in

Group 108Waterproof, IPX7 rating

Group 108Real-time GPS location

Group 108Extended battery life, up to seven days per charge


Garmin InReach two-way satellite communicator

Garmin InReach two-way satellite

Gain affordable global connectivity and reach employees working outside of cellular coverage and in remote locations.


Group 108100% global Iridium satellite coverage

Group 108Two-way messaging

Group 108SOS, hazard, and check-In services

Group 108GPS location services


ACR Bivy Stick satellite messenger

ACR Bivy Stick satellite messenger

Turn your workers’ cell phones into a satellite communication device. Using the Bivy Stick with SafetyAware allows your workers to easily stay connected, anywhere in the world, on the Iridium Satellite network.


Group 108Two-way text messaging

Group 108SOS alerts

Group 108GPS location sharing

Group 108One-touch check-in

Group 108Detailed weather reports


What our customers are saying

“We were concerned that if someone was in a vehicle accident, we might not know for hours. Now, if an accident or emergency were to occur, we would find out. We can use employees as resources to help each other, and let them know the situation to make sure they can evacuate safely.”

“This is a step up in our safety –someone is always there. Aware360 has been very responsive and willing to help whenever we need it. It’s great service.”

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