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The quickest way to locate, communicate and get help to your mobile workforce

Empower your team with a standalone safety wearable device or mobile app no matter where the job takes them. Just because the environment is unpredictable doesn't mean your workers' safety has to be.

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A secure platform enabled by your preferred communication device

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Mobile app

Wearable device

AlertGPS mobile app

If you’re looking to leverage familiar technology, whether it’s company-assigned or personal mobile devices, choose the AlertGPS app, available on any Android or iOS device.

  • Timed sessions with missed check-out alerts
  • In-app communication
  • Registered predators location
  • Enhanced privacy options
  • Threat zones

AlertGPS ActiveHalo® wearable

A simple, one-button device to initiate two-way emergency voice calls to our 24/7 real-time response center.

  • 4G LTE waterproof device
  • Advanced fall-detection​
  • Audible personal alarms​
  • Superior location technologies​
  • Versatile attachments and charging​
  • Hands-free two-way voice​
  • Check-in button for location​
  • Confirming vibration on pressing​

Purpose-built solutions designed to protect in hazardous environments

Mobile workers face unique and unpredictable environmental, physical and social risks every day–from harassment and physical  violence, to aggressive animals and extreme weather. They deserve safety solutions that are tailored to their specific risks.

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Ensure the safety of your mobile workforce
24/7 anywhere in the US

Mobile workers face unique and unpredictable environmental, physical and social risks every day–from harassment and physical violence, to aggressive animals and extreme weather. They deserve safety solutions that are tailored to their specific risks.

Timed sessions with missed check-out alerts 

Employees can activate monitoring for customizable periods of time. If they fail to check-out before the timer runs out, additional safety protocols will be initiated.

Customized action plans

Design your own response procedures, including a priority call list, safety protocols, emergency dispatch option, post-event notifications, and more.

Full privacy or SOS-only monitoring 

We offer different location reporting settings: full or scheduled privacy (limited to work days), and regular reporting on a selected time interval.

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Fall detection

The ActiveHalo® senses whenever a worker falls down. A call is automatically initiated to our response center to dispatch help even if the worker is unconscious.

Smart and threat zones

Organizations can establish threat zones to customize virtual boundaries around known hazardous areas and receive alerts when workers enter/exit them.


24/7 Live Monitoring Center

Our safety monitoring center answers SOS calls, sees the worker's profile and location data, and can dispatch emergency help in seconds. Management staff simultaneously receive safety alert notifications via text and/or email and can access real-time and historical information via the AlertGPS Portal.

Who we protect

Our products and services are deployed and used nationwide by organizations in utilities, healthcare, hospice, energy, behavioral health, social services, the U.S. Military and other industries

Home healthcare
and hospice

Home healthcare
and hospice

75% of the workplace assaults reported annually occurred in healthcare and social services settings.

Public sector

Public sector

Workplace violence affects nearly 1/4 employees, a figure that increases to almost 1/3 in the service industry.

Social services

Social services

Workers in the healthcare and social service industries are 5x more likely to experience workplace violence than other workers.



25% of workplace fatalities due to homicides occurred while a worker was tending a retail establishment or waiting on customers.



The utility sector has the 6th highest death rate, according to the National Safety Council.

Delivery services

Delivery services

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation incidents are the leading cause of occupational injuries. In fact, courier/delivery services workers accounted for nearly 1/5 fatally injured workers nationally.


A secure platform to protect your workers and their data

We are committed to safeguarding all user data, which is why we maintain a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations, including HIPAA and SOC2. AlertGPS upholds a strict data localization posture with 100% U.S. based services. 

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Gain better insights into your workforce through an intuitive manager view

The AlertGPS Cloud-Based Safety Portal identifies the precise location of workers with round-the-clock safety alerting and two-way communications. It enables companies to setup and manage all device, alert and notification settings.


Frequently asked questions

What industries can benefit from AlertGPS?

Any industry with mobile workers or uncontrolled environments, such as utilities, healthcare (social services, behavioral health), real estate, courier drivers, military, and more.

What happens if a worker cannot physically make an SOS call?

AlertGPS offers regular location update, timed sessions, and fall detection capabilities to trigger any needed safety protocols whenever workers cannot physically make calls. Additionally, workers can use voice commands to enable hands free SOS with the app.

What is AlertGPS’s pricing?

We offer tiered pricing based on volume. To get a customized quote, get in touch with our team today.

Is help available 24/7?

Yes! We will connect you to a live human voice, from five redundant locations.

Do I need to buy a device to use the app?

The AlertGPS app works independently to the device. You can choose to protect your workers using company-assigned or personal mobile devices or alternatively through our ActiveHalo® device. 

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