Real-time, worker-centric solutions for keeping healthcare workers safer

With employees in healthcare working in a variety of locations and conditions, it’s more important than ever that they remain connected and protected with apps and devices that provide real-time data and response.

The healthcare sector encompasses a wide range of unique jobs: social workers, home healthcare providers, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, patient transportation, lab technicians, and support staff are just a few examples, but one thing that these roles have in common is their susceptibility to hazards. Given the nature of employment within healthcare, individuals need to communicate frequently with their employers, have their location tracked reliably, and, in extreme cases, initiate emergency response.


Unique jobs require unique solutions

Exposure to social risks and unpredictable events

The healthcare industry can be summarized by frequent patient visits, driving to and from appointments, and working in adverse conditions around hazardous equipment and substances. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare and social service industries experience the highest rates of injuries caused by workplace violence and are 5 times as likely to suffer a workplace violence injury than other workers. Workers in this industry are also prone to slips, trips, and falls, a prominent cause for injury across any work environment.

These risks, combined with the lengthy working hours and stressful workloads that healthcare professionals face, has led to increased fatigue and absenteeism, furthering the cost and impact of an unsafe work environment.

A PeopleIoT™ solution that puts your workers at the center

Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to keep employees safe throughout their day. Driven by our passion for people, our industry-leading connected worker solutions empower frontline employees, while continuously allowing you to uncover new ways to increase productivity.

The healthcare industry’s complex nature calls for precise data to make preventative decisions; Aware360’s connected worker ecosystem captures more than 1.5 million worker events every day which support real-time decision making.


Improve safety processes and employee confidence

Fewer injuries mean workers can feel more confident on the job, and you can rest assured they are satisfied and productive. When you commit to safety, you have the potential to maximize ROI and place more effort on achieving your goals and growing your business.

Group 108Gain real-time insight that can save lives

Group 108Guarantee appropriate and timely responses for your lone and at-risk healthcare and social service workers

Group 108Stay compliant with legislation and regulations

Group 108Reduce expenses and missed work days stemming from workplace injuries


More than 70 connected devices

Aware360 is better at integrating hardware and software than anyone else. We offer multiple network connectivity options –including 4G/5G, Satellite, WiFi, and Bluetooth– as well as a myriad of devices which you can choose from to fit your employees’ needs, including smartphones, wearables and satellite devices.

healthcare support items
  • Routine check-in options

  • SOS button

  • Concierge services

  • Predator overlay

  • Timed sessions with missed check-out alerts

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Routine check-in options

With a simple click, employees can check-in to let their managers know they arrived/departed a particular location.


Concierge services

Even if it's not an emergency, if an employee feels unsafe or uncomfortable, they can press the SOS button and an agent will stay on the line with them until they feel safe.

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Predator overlay

Employees can enable a map view that displays the home addresses and relevant information of the nearest registered sex offenders, for enhanced awareness.

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Timed sessions with missed check-out alerts

Employees can activate monitoring for customizable periods of time. If they fail to check-out before the timer runs out, additional safety protocols will be initiated.

What our customers are saying

“We were concerned that if someone was in a vehicle accident, we might not know for hours. Now, if an accident or emergency were to occur, we would find out. We can use employees as resources to help each other, and let them know the situation to make sure they can evacuate safely.”

“This is a step up in our safety –someone is always there. Aware360 has been very responsive and willing to help whenever we need it. It’s great service.”

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