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Learn more about Aware360’s mission to place people at the center through our holistic approach to safety and productivity.


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About us

Aware360 provides the technology and response network needed to keep lone and at-risk workers safer and more productive through scalable, people-centric IoT solutions.

Our patented PeopleIoT™ connected worker ecosystem leverages personal technology to protect workers through real-time monitoring, communication and response.

In turn, you can drive operational efficiency and access insights in order to make better decisions, at the right time, as you meet occupational health and safety requirements.

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   Our core values



Our cutting-edge and patented solutions with consistent uptime and reliability are what makes us unique. We’re trusted by our partners because there will always be someone at the other end of the line to support workers whenever they need assistance.



We’re driven by a passion for people. We are the premier connected worker provider delivering best-in-class safety solutions because we put people first. From employees working remotely to our real-time response center, there are real people behind our product, with YOUR people always in mind.



We’re more than just another app or wearable device. We use our patented PeopleIoTTM technology to constantly improve response time to risks, limit incident exposure, boost employee morale, and help our clients reduce insurance-related costs. Plus, we own our technology, which means it’s 100% adaptable to different environments and business needs, it’s never rigid, and always evolving.


What sets us apart


Real-time, worker-centric solutions

Group 108End-to-end, real-time connectivity

Group 108Worker-specific safety escalation plans

Group 108Secure, private, and comprehensive data covering activity, condition, location, and alerts

Group 1081,500,000+ worker events captured daily

Group 108Serving more than 30 industries






Group 108Cloud-based software solution

Group 108Device agnostic, with more than 70 device types supported

Group 108Breadth of network connectivity options

Group 108SDK/API availability for enterprise application integration





Proven reliability

Group 108SOS, non-emergency, hazard, and numerous other types of alerts

Group 10824/7, 365 days a year

Group 108Exceed 4-9’s system availability

Group 108TrustArc eTrust certification for satisfying global security and privacy requirements

Group 108Active member of National Safety Council’s Work to Zero and Impairment Advisory Board



Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are designed for SMBs and large enterprises whose workers carry out their duties alone, in remote locations, or in other hazardous situations such as working under adverse environmental conditions, operating at heights, and driving from one location to another.

How does Aware360 support my organization’s productivity goals?

Our preventative approach to safety allows you to manage workplace incidents more efficiently, using less time and resources. Our automated workflows allow your teams to optimize their day-to-day and save time as they go about their duties. A reliable safety management system not only means a safer and healthier work environment, but also a more efficient and productive workplace.

Do Aware360 solutions help keep you in compliance with lone worker legislation?

Aware360’s solutions are designed to improve safety and productivity, while helping you uphold duty of care. Our solutions are compliant with OSHA workplace safety regulations and an increasing number of jurisdiction-specific legislation.

What is Aware360’s pricing?

Aware360’s pricing is personalized according to your business’ particular goals and needs. To get a quote, get in touch with our team here.

What industries does Aware360 service?

Aware360 serves more than 30 industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, utilities, healthcare, public sector, and field services.

Are Aware360’s systems active 24/7?

Our solutions exceed industry uptime requirements, available 24/7/365, with less than one hour of unplanned outage per year. You can access the real-time status of all of our platforms here: https://status.aware360.net

Do I need to buy a device to use Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are fully supported by iOS and Android devices, which means your workers can use their personal or work-provided smartphones to access our solutions. We also offer additional optional devices to complement other needs your business might have, such as panic buttons, satellite devices, wearables, among others.

Where does Aware360 operate?

Based in Alberta, Canada, Aware360 offers its services to more than 400 companies across the globe, mainly present in Canada and the US, as well as in Africa, the Mideast and South America.

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