Aware360 Partners with Aegex Technologies to Improve Employee Safety and Productivity in Hazardous Environments

Aware360 and Aegex Technologies are pleased to announce their partnership to improve the way organizations protect their workers through SafetyAware



Calgary, Canada (April 29, 2019)Aware360 and Aegex Technologies are pleased to announce their partnership to improve the way organizations protect their workers, no matter their location. Aegex will be integrating Aware360’s SafetyAware application into their lineup of intrinsically safe solutions for enterprise customers.

SafetyAware is an active monitoring system supported by a web-based control center and 24/7 incident response that improves worker productivity, saves workers time and reduces incident response time.

Aegex Technologies provides innovative mobile device and IoT solutions that help improve safety and performance in industries that have hazardous area operations and is recognized worldwide for helping organizations achieve the highest standards for safety. The aegex10Ô Intrinsically Safe Tablet with Windows 10 OS is certified to provide real-time connectivity for users in the most combustible environments, Class I Division 1, enabling them to take advantage of enterprise applications that help improve their performance and safety.

Running Aware360’s SafetyAware application on Aegex tablets enables personnel, even the most remote workers, to be constantly monitored by a web-based control center and 24/7 incident response.

“Partnering with Aegex Technologies gives us at Aware360 the opportunity to expand our reach and impact more organizations,” says Craig Gleason, Director of Partners for Aware360. “We are proud of our declaration to use Tech for Good, and Aegex is the perfect match to help us do that to the best of our ability.”

“Aware360’s solutions are a perfect fit for ours because they ensure the highest standards of safety for our mutual customers,” says Thomas Ventulett, CEO of Aegex Technologies.

Aware360’s applications can be adjusted to monitor appropriate conditions for local compliance, environment circumstances and worker experience. By outsourcing worker monitoring to Aware360, organizations gain peace of mind that their personnel are safe and maximizing their productivity while respecting their individual privacy. Using Aware360 applications like SafeAware on Aegex tablets also helps to protect workers and reduce response times during emergency incidents.


About Aegex

Aegex Technologies delivers innovative solutions that increase visibility and drive improved performance for industries with hazardous environments. Our globally certified aegex10 Intrinsically Safe Tablet provides cloud connectivity to personnel working in some of the world’s most volatile environments in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, utilities, public safety and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres. With customizable applications, the tablet can work in conjunction with our NexVu IoT Solution of sensor modules and cloud services to form an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that improves efficiency and productivity in hazardous operations. Visit


About Aware360

Aware360 understands people are the most important part of a workplace and strive to provide the tools to ensure they will have help whenever it’s needed. Driven by our passion for people, Aware360 creates solutions to connect people with personal technology, to those who care and can help. This ensures people are safe, especially where they are exposed to social, environmental or health risks.

From workers in the most remote locations to delivery drivers in urban areas, we provide the technology and response network to ensure their safety anywhere in the world. That’s the power of our PeopleIoT™ solutions.

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