Protect your lone and at-risk workers with our advanced safety solutions 

Take a proactive approach to safety and make your workers a priority with scalable lone-worker safety solutions you can trust. Drive operational efficiency and access safety insights to make better decisions, at the right time, as you meet occupational health, safety, productivity, and governance requirements.


Real-time, worker-centric solutions

Our solutions are designed to adapt to your specific worker safety needs. We are more than just another app or wearable device. Aware360’s patented PeopleIoT™ connected worker ecosystem combines real-time data from multiple devices, lone worker apps, and sensors to deliver a holistic and people-centric safety outcome.

Enterprise-ready lone-worker solutions

Aware360’s best-in-class technology allows its range of solutions to fully adapt to the diverse use cases and needs of any organization. Designed and architected as a scalable and adaptable connected worker platform, it can seamlessly integrate with as many existing and future systems and devices as required.

Proven reliability

When lone and at-risk workers need assistance, it’s critical they trust the reliability of the service, as it can be a life or death situation. Our integrated solutions are fully tested and monitored 24x7, ensuring maximum availability. Our lone-worker solutions exceed industry uptime requirements with less than one hour of unplanned outage per year.

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Invest in the safety of your workforce.
Future-proof your business.

Driven by our passion for people, our industry-leading connected lone and at-risk worker solutions empower frontline employees, while continuously allowing you to uncover new ways to increase productivity and operate more efficiently.


Be fully equipped to assist employees based on their location, activity, and condition

As your partner, we offer future-proof technology that turns real-time data into business intelligence. Our PeopleIoTTM platform allows you to drive both preventative and proactive worker safety, as you put your lone workers’ well-being at the center.

Aware 360 connected worker platform for location, activity, time and condition

Our Solutions

Worker Safety

Manage safety and mitigate risks with real-time data about your lone and at-risk workers’ activity, condition, and location.

AlertGPS icon    AlertGPS

Icon representing the SafetyAware app for lone worker safety    SafetyAware

Driver Safety

Put the brakes on distracted and unsafe driving habits, preventing incidents before they occur.

Icon showing a heart with a belt for health and safety     LifeSaver Mobile

Fitness for Duty

Quickly and simply identify your workforce’s ability to safely perform their jobs.

Icon of a brain symbolizing smart technologyAware4Duty

Icon depicting secure credentialing process     Digital Credentialing


People-centric solutions you can trust

Keep your workers safe through real-time, two-way communication, monitoring and response, wherever their workday takes them.

Drive operational efficiency and access safety insights to make better decisions, at the right time.