Inside Aware360: Meet our 2019 Summer Interns!

Our interns at Aware360 receive valuable work experience in the competitive tech (IoT) sector! Here's what they had to say about their summer internship!



Ever wondered what it’s like to intern with an award-winning safety and productivity software company? At Aware360, our interns gain valuable work experience outside the classroom and give fresh insights to various areas of the business. Here’s what Jada Buchanan and Matthew Lamiel had to say after their 2019 summer internships.


1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background:

My name Jada Buchanan, I am the Product Innovation Specialist at Aware360. This fall, I will be continuing my studies at Queen’s University as an Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering student. I plan to pursue a career in the business technology sector, focusing on analytics, technology consulting, or finance.

My name is Matthew Lamiel, and I am the Marketing Specialist for Aware360. I am currently attending the University of Calgary, pursuing the dual degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Bachelor of Kinesiology. Eventually, I would love to apply my experience for a career with a sports/healthcare company in their marketing needs.  


2. What is the typical day of Aware360 Intern?

Matthew: A typical day for me would consist of social media management, nurturing potential leads, and lots of content creation. Depending on the day, I would be joining meetings to discuss projects and goals. In short, my job is to support our marketing team in their daily operations.  

Jada: Throughout this summer, I was given three significant projects within the operations and development departments. Each day, I would determine the time allocations necessary to complete these projects in an organized and effective manner. Aside from these projects that I am managing, I was given a series of additional tasks each week to support our team.


3. What is your favourite part of being an intern with Aware360?

Jada: My favourite part of my internship was my involvement with cutting edge technology. Since Aware360 is a fast-growing IoT (Internet of Things) company, I have the opportunity to work closely with my team to develop and advance our solutions. The first-hand experience I have gained in the industry that I aspire to pursue would be unmatched in a large corporation.

Matthew: I would have to say the corporate culture. The entire Aware360 team is very open and welcoming; everybody gets along with each other very well. Departments work closely together on tasks, so everyone is up to date on the workings of the company. On occasion, our team will meet after work, which makes being an intern here great!


4. What is the most challenging part of being an intern with Aware360?

Matthew: With no experience in the technology industry before my internship with Aware360, the most challenging aspect of my internship was understanding the technical aspects of how our solutions operate. With complex architecture involved with our products, it took me a little while, but I am now more comfortable discussing and promoting our solution suite.

Jada: From the day I started, I was trusted with a heavy workload. Initially, I was overwhelmed with this high amount of leadership from my superiors; however, I quickly gained confidence through the support and approachability of my team. Resuming my studies in the fall, I have a new appreciation for the collaborative nature necessary in successful project management. 


5. What will be your biggest takeaway from Aware360 once your internship is complete? 

Jada: This experience will profoundly impact my future endeavours in many aspects. Undoubtedly, the most significant element is the people, who are a supportive, dedicated, and passionate community. The corporate, yet welcoming team environment that they embody and encourage is the ideal work culture. As I pursue IoT and analytics further, I can only hope to be part of a corporate family like that at Aware360.

Matthew: My biggest takeaway would be gaining marketing experience in the competitive technology sector that Aware360 operates within. Also, seeing the IoT ecosystem in action and how edge devices can better our lives, and in some instances, save lives, is very fulfilling. As our world becomes more tech-based, I find working with people-based technology fascinating, and I am excited to see more applications of IoT to come!  


About Aware360:

Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to keep employees safe throughout their day.

Driven by our passion for people, the Aware360 suite of safety solutions leverages personal technology such as smartphones, wearables and satellite devices to keep people safe and productive.



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