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Using the Bivy Stick satellite device with Aware360's SafetyAware

Explore how the Bivy Stick satellite device, in combination with Aware360's SafetyAware, revolutionizes communication and safety for lone workers in remote areas.



It's common for lone workers to find themselves in areas without cellular coverage, such as remote natural settings or large industrial sites. In these places, having a reliable way to communicate is essential for safety. The combination of Aware360's SafetyAware and the Bivy Stick satellite communicator provides a thorough safety network, ensuring workers stay connected and safe, no matter their location.

The Bivy Stick is a sturdy and reliable device, built to fill in the gaps left by standard cellular networks. When used with SafetyAware, it enhances the app’s main communication features, offering a seamless safety experience for workers in remote areas. So, if you are looking for a reliable satellite device, the Bivy Stick might be it. Let’s look at the features and functionalities that set this device apart.

Staying connected with the Bivy Stick's advanced capabilities

Bivy Stick satellite device features


In environments where conventional communication tools fail, lone workers need a reliable way to stay in touch. That's where the Bivy Stick comes in, a compact satellite communication device built to provide a means of communication, assistance, and location.

The Bivy Stick is the first in-market satellite device fully integrated and designed to seamlessly transition lone workers between cell coverage areas, seamlessly fitting into the industry-leading SafetyAware worker safety ecosystem and the palm of your hand. It uses advanced satellite technology to maintain constant communication, far beyond the limits of cell signal range. Let’s take a closer look at the key functionalities and integration of this device:

  • SafetyAware integration: The device fully integrates with the SafetyAware App, enabling primary functions of SafetyAware regardless of cellular connectivity. This means you don't have to switch devices, and you can continue using an interface you're familiar with.
  • Comprehensive shift and safety timer: Users can easily sign on, sign off, and check in either via the app or directly on the device.
  • Global satellite coverage: Thanks to its connection with the Iridium satellite network, the Bivy Stick offers global coverage, ensuring communication wherever you have a clear view of the sky.
  • Advanced messaging and location sharing: The device provides robust messaging capabilities and allows for real-time location tracking and sharing via satellite.
  • GroupTrack™ functionality: This feature lets you track, message, and manage teams, enhancing group safety and coordination.
  • Dedicated contact options: The Bivy Stick comes with a dedicated phone number and email, allowing for contact even when users are outside cellular coverage.
  • User-friendly experience: The familiar interface of the SafetyAware App reduces the learning curve, improving user confidence with end-to-end confirmation of actions and messages.
  • Reliable check-ins and reminders: The device ensures that users can receive reminders to check in, even when they're outside of cellular coverage, maintaining consistent communication with their team.

Transform your cell phone into a satellite device

One of the best things about the Bivy Stick is that it turns any cell phone into a satellite communication powerhouse. It's not only compact but also packed with features. These include: 

  • Sign-on with shift length and optional manual location input.
  • Sign-off and check-in with comments.
  • Emergency declarations and non-emergency assistance requests.
  • Direct messaging to and from the control center.

The Bivy Stick offers a suite of features designed for comprehensive safety and communication in the field. Now that we've explored the extensive functionalities, let's delve into another major benefit of this lone worker device - its straightforward setup process. Setting up the Bivy Stick involves a few simple steps.

Setting up your Bivy Stick

  1. Charge up: Before use, charge the Bivy Stick fully. This ensures it’s ready for long stretches without power sources.
  2. Connect to SafetyAware: Turn on the device and link it to the smartphone using the SafetyAware app.
  3. Ready to use: The Bivy Stick is now ready to go!

The Bivy Stick isn't just a piece of gear; it's a lifeline, a safety net, designed with your workers in mind.

Why the Bivy Stick stands out

The Bivy Stick stands out for its straightforward design, practical features, and relevance to a variety of work situations. Additionally, it meets different workplaces' current safety requirements and pushes the industry forward.

  • Simple and straightforward: Ease of use is key for the Bivy Stick, particularly in stressful situations where lone workers need quick and easy access to their safety features.
  • Smart integration and automation: With automatic functions workers can concentrate on their jobs, knowing their safety is being monitored automatically.
  • Flexible and future-ready: As businesses change and grow, their safety devices need to keep pace. The products are adaptable and scalable, designed to serve businesses now and as they expand, providing a smart investment for long-term safety planning.

Choosing the right safety solution for your lone workers means finding one that is dependable, easy to handle, and in tune with the demands of modern work. These solutions excel by combining straightforward operation with advanced technology, making them a top choice in the safety device market.

If you're looking to boost the safety and efficiency of your lone workers, take a closer look at the Bivy Stick. Get in touch with us at Aware360 to see how these solutions can integrate into your safety protocols, ensuring that every worker is supported wherever possible.

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