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Aware Behind the Wheel: Five Tips to Building a Safe Fleet

This blog will provide tips on how your organization can ensure your fleet is as safe as possible.

According to the National Safety Council, driving accounts for 40% of workplace fatalities, making driving one of the most dangerous tasks an employee can perform. A majority of these accidents are caused by human error with a staggering 80% of vehicle accidents being related to distracted driving.

Fleet operators must consider these risks when building their fleet. Building a safe fleet can make a big difference in protecting your drivers and organization from costly accidents and protecting others on the road. This blog will provide tips on how your organization can ensure your fleet is as safe as possible.

5 tips to build a safer fleet

    1. Hire Drivers with Clean Records: A safe fleet requires safe drivers. When hiring drivers for your fleet, it is essential to ensure the drivers have an appropriate commercial driver’s license (CDL) and a clean record. Considering your drivers’ habits before you hire them can make a huge difference when it comes to the safety of your fleet.
    2. Continuous Training: While having a CDL does imply your drivers can safely operate a commercial vehicle, it does not mean they would not require continual training. Training your drivers is one of the best ways to encourage understanding and following safe driving practices.
    3. Monitor your Drivers to Pinpoint Unsafe Habits: Implementing a system that monitors your drivers’ habits can greatly improve driver safety. Aware360’s iDriveAware is an app-based solution that scores your fleet’s driving behavior. The score is tracked based on harsh acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, speeding, phone movement, jerking, and swerving. This will allow you to see where your drivers need additional training.
    4. Ensure Vehicles are Maintained: Ensuring your fleet’s vehicles are road safe is just as important as ensuring your drivers are being safe behind the wheel. Having maintenance schedules in place that ensure the vehicles are frequently checked for any maintenance issues and are road safe can save money in the long run by limiting the risk of avoidable accidents or breakdowns caused by mechanical issues.
    5. Limit Distractions: Distracted driving is a serious problem, especially with such easy access to mobile devices. Approximately 27% of accidents leading to serious injuries and death are linked to distracted driving. App-based solutions such as LifeSaver Mobile can help limit distractions while driving.

We strive to ensure the safety and productivity of your drivers and have 2 solutions that align with this goal. Both iDriveAware and LifeSaver Mobile are connected worker solutions focused on keeping your drivers safe and limiting distractions on the road and unsafe driving habits.


About Aware360

Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to keep employees safe throughout their day. Driven by our passion for people, the Aware360 suite of safety solutions leverage personal technology such as smartphones, wearables and satellite devices to keep people safe and productive, while reducing corporate risk. Visit to learn more.


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