Put the brakes on distracted driving

LifeSaver Mobile: Enterprise-ready distracted driving solution


Approximately 80% of road collisions involve some type of distracted driving. Fleet managers need a simple, reliable way to keep phones out of the hands of their drivers without losing productivity.

LifeSaver Mobile takes charge of the phone when someone starts driving. It’s an easy-to-deploy software solution that prevents incidents before they occur, to keep your drivers and your business running smoothly.


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Reduce at-fault collisions by up to 50%

LifeSaver Mobile automatically detects driving with a simple to use phone app.

  • Keep phone screens locked in moving vehicles
  • Take a proactive approach to road safety
  • Empower workers to increase safety with daily feedback reports
  • Motivate drivers with scores for individuals and groups
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Keep operations productive

LifeSaver Mobile is designed to let drivers and managers do their jobs more efficiently. There’s no hardware installation so no fleet downtime.

  • Allows for hands-free calls and use of maps and Siri
  • Override option for Emergency calls
  • Provide reporting that lets safety managers focus on drivers at risk
  • Install software quickly and easily across the fleet
  • Runs quietly in the phone’s background, preserving battery life
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Reduce risk through a preventative approach to safety

LifeSaver Mobile helps protect your business as well as your drivers. 

  • Keep fleet maintenance costs lean, with no extra hardware and fewer accidents
  • Reduce WCB claims and their impact on premiums
  • Align your organization with Duty of Care responsibilities
  • Ensure compliance with distracted driving legislation
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How it works

1. Import drivers’ names and cell phone numbers.
2.Define hours of operation.
3.Drivers receive text that allows app install.
4. App runs in the background until driving is detected.
5. Prevents drivers from unlocking the phone while driving.
6. Allows navigation maps, hands-free calls and Siri – which can run outside the lock screen.
7. Auto-distribute reports to drivers and safety managers.
8.Review dashboards through a simple web portal.

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