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North America is one of the world’s leading producer of crude oil in the world. As the industry continues to face economic, political, and environmental challenges, safety remains the top priority. Along with the evolution of industry 4.0 and industrial internet of things (IIoT), the industry is modernizing its approach to safety and productivity.

Our PeopleIOT™ platform allows your organization to bring a holistic approach to safety and productivity. Paired with our industry leading worker safety and productivity solutions, we can help keep your workers safe anytime, anywhere in the world.

Safety Challenges in Oil and Gas

Safety Challenges in Oil and Gas

The fatality rate in the oil and gas industry is seven times greater than other industries. One of the greatest safety challenges in the industry is workers working alone. Many of these lone workers spend long stretches of time out in the field, operating heavy machinery, working at heights, and working with hazardous chemicals and gasses. Workers face a host of occupational hazards such as slips and falls, electrocution, falling objects, cuts and burns and toxic and flammable gas exposure, any of which could seriously injure or kill them.

Because they work remotely, it is difficult for employers to monitor their safety and take appropriate action if necessary. While these companies remain focused on making their operations safer and healthier, majority of workforce is on the field, mitigating risks and ensuring regulatory compliance can challenging.

One option we offer to help address the top safety issue of slips, trips and falls is our Belle X wearable as part of our SafetyAware solution. This lightweight device offers check-in, fall detection, and SOS in the event of an emergency. The emergency monitoring service allows workers to stay connected through cell and satellite networks, anywhere in the world.

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Productivity Challenges in Oil and Gas

Productivity Challenges in Oil and Gas

In an industry that operates around the clock, fatigue and impairment associated with long hours, night shifts, camp living and extended time away from home – all factors that pose great risks to workers’ safety and productivity.

Aware360 has the solutions you need to manage these risks and improve workers’ productivity. Our Aware4Duty solution helps detect fatigue and impairment, thus preventing incidents before they happen. For one of our clients, integrating Aware4Duty delivers an 11% increase in productivity.

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How does technology keep oil and gas workers safe?

How does technology keep oil and gas workers safe?

The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based computing, and mobile technology have created a new era of worker safety going beyond current safety standards. These technologies enable workers working in the most remote areas in the world to be connected more than ever before.

Investing in technologies can help proactively prevent injuries, improve response times to risks, limit incident exposure, improve employee morale and reduce related insurance costs. Fewer injuries mean employees can spend more time working, improving productivity. With the right technology in place, oil and gas companies can continue to improve employee satisfaction and retention as well as overall project quality, profit margins, and industry reputation.

At Aware360, we understand the need for positive return on an investment in safety. For every dollar invested in a strong health and safety program, businesses can reduce expenses by 40% percent and see a 600% ROI.

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