Berg Insight Report recognizes Aware360 as a leading specialist in technology-enabled lone worker safety

Berg Insight Report recognizes Aware360 as a leading specialist in technology-enabled lone-worker safety



IoT market research firm Berg Insights recent report shows a large increase in lone worker protection solutions across both the European and North American markets.

Aware360 was recognized as one of the main providers of lone worker safety solutions in Canada for our SafetyAware app-based solution and use of innovative technologies to improve workplace safety and productivity.

The Berg report noted the pursuit for increased efficiency to be one of the key factors driving the market growth. Alongside increased efficiency, other market drivers were occupational safety regulations, increasing costs of insurance, and a higher awareness of the risks facing workers – particularly lone workers.

A lone worker can be found in many different professions and face a large variety of risks throughout their typical day. In the past “lone worker” was a very narrow class of worker, but has been expanding to cover various industries and professions.

Berg Insights’ IoT Analyst, Martin Bäckman, says, “Traditionally, lone workers exposed to the highest social or environmental risks have been found in industries such as security and protective services, social care, field service maintenance and in heavy industries such as oil & gas and construction.”

According to the report, across both the European and the North American market, the lone worker protection solution market is forecasted to exceed €260 million in 2022, compared to €110 million in 2017; a 136% increase. Berg Insights also noted app-based solutions are estimated to account for more than 40% of the solutions across North America today, and are likely to witness a growth similar to the market size.

“Lone worker technologies are helping organizations manage risk and improve productivity across the board,” Robert Forget, CTO of Aware360 says, “We’re thrilled to be named as a leading specialist in the field, and are proud to be in the business of saving lives.”

For more ideas on protecting lone workers to improve safety and streamline operations download the e-book, A Guide to Lone Worker Safety.

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