Protecting unique teams with a unified solution: North Star Ford

Read how Aware360 provided a comprehensive safety solution, enabling North Star Ford to keep an array of divisions safer and more connected.

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This case study covers the following topics:

Group 108 Eliminating manual processes using connected systems

Group 108 Enhancing safety regardless of inherent risks

Group 108 Providing peace of mind to staff and managers

Group 108 How Aware360 supports retail and mechanical workers

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What our customers are saying

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    “We were concerned that if someone was in a vehicle accident, we might not know for hours. Now, if an accident or emergency were to occur, we would find out. We can use employees as resources to help each other, and let them know the situation to make sure they can evacuate safely.”

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    “This is a step up in our safety –someone is always there. Aware360 has been very responsive and willing to help whenever we need it. It’s great service.”

“Aware360 is incredible at accommodating our requirements and given the robust nature of our health and safety program, finding a product that could meet our specific and different needs was a game changer."

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