Aware4Duty: Fitness for duty assessment app

Objectively screen for potential impairment from fatigue, medication, illness, or substance abuse with a non-invasive app that measures the cognitive function of employees.

Fatigue risk management system for workers in just a few steps:


Download the app


Establish individual baselines


Complete daily assessments


Record results

Many factors can impact mental acuity. Yet historically testing has focused solely on drug and alcohol impairment, excluding other factors that can inhibit mental fitness such as fatigue, stress, distraction, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medications. Aware4Duty is a non-invasive, fit-for-duty assessment game-like app that produces accurate results in 60 seconds or less.



Non-invasive, fast, secure

Protect the privacy of your employees coupled with a non-invasive process to avoid bias with an image-based tool anyone can use.

checksGame-like testing in less than 60 seconds

checksComplete before or throughout a shift

checksCompatible with iOS or Android

checksKeep information secure with password-protected log-in



Scientifically validated

An easy-to-use and reliable fit-for-duty app, developed under grants from the National Institute of Safety and Health.

checksClinically validated

checksNon-discriminatory and language independent

checksExecutable by 99% of the population

checksPersonal baseline for each employee after ten assessments



Risk and productivity management tools

Implement preventative safety measures to reduce workplace accidents and encourage workers to make better decisions.

checksInsights on individual workers’ unique impairment trends

checksCompare results in the app with historical data

checksAccess to your extended workforce’s attendance and performance

checksAutomatic trigger notifications and customizable alerts


Features and capabilites

  • Personalized impairment baseline

  • 60 second game-like testing

  • Customizable trigger alerts and notifications

  • iDriveAware

    Mobile based app

  • iDriveAware

    Non-discriminatory and language independent

  • LifeSaver Mobile

    Access to your extended workforce's attendance and performance

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Personalized impairment baseline

After ten tests, you'll get the baseline of every individual worker, so you can accurately track and be notified when their impairment status falls below their personal score.

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60-second game-like testing

Short 60 second tests that your employee can perform before or during shifts to assess his current impairment status.

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Customizable trigger alerts and notifications

Receive notifications and insights on individual workers’ unique impairment trends.

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Mobile based app

No additional hardware required.

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Non-discriminatory and languageindependent

No additional hardware required.

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Access to your extended workforce's attendance and performance

You'll be able to detect any trends or patterns in your workforce's attendance and performance.


Identify irregular patterns or trends. Reduce fatal mistakes.

According to the National Safety Council, 97% of workers have at least one workplace fatigue risk factor and more than 80% have two or more. With Aware4Duty, you can start identifying risks before they become incidents.


Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are designed for SMBs and large enterprises whose workers carry out their duties alone, in remote locations, or in other hazardous situations such as working under adverse environmental conditions, operating at heights, and driving from one location to another.

How does Aware360 support my organization’s productivity goals?

Our preventative approach to safety allows you to manage workplace incidents more efficiently, using less time and resources. Our automated workflows allow your teams to optimize their day-to-day and save time as they go about their duties. A reliable safety management system not only means a safer and healthier work environment, but also a more efficient and productive workplace.

What is Aware360’s pricing?

Aware360’s pricing is personalized according to your business’ particular goals and needs. To get a quote, get in touch with our team here.

What industries does Aware360 service?

Aware360 serves more than 30 industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, utilities, healthcare, public sector, and field services.

Are Aware360’s systems active 24/7?

Our solutions exceed industry uptime requirements, available 24/7/365, with less than one hour of unplanned outage per year. You can access the real-time status of all of our platforms here:

Do I need to buy a device to use Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are fully supported by iOS and Android devices, which means your workers can use their personal or work-provided smartphones to access our solutions. We also offer additional optional devices to complement other needs your business might have, such as panic buttons, satellite devices, wearables, among others.

Where does Aware360 operate?

Based in Alberta, Canada, Aware360 offers its services to more than 400 companies across the globe, mainly present in Canada and the US, as well as in Africa, the Mideast and South America.

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