Webinar: Screening Workers for Impairment and Fatigue

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May 29th @ 11:00am (EST)

Register: www.aware360.com/webinar

Screening workers for impairment and fatigue:

New tech empowers managers to know who’s alert & fit for duty… and who’s not


Impairment can be one of the most difficult hazards to manage, but now there’s a technology that can take the burden off supervisors and screen workers in under 90 seconds.

Join Dr. Lori Guasta, Vice President of Consulting Services and Research, Murray Whitby, President of Policy Protec, and Aware360’s Jeff Kryzanowski, fatigue technology specialist to learn about how this new technology is being used to improve safety and productivity in the workplace.

Key Takeaways:

 – How fatigue and impairment affects workers

 – What rules and regulations are currently in place

 – New tools to measure awareness in less than 90 seconds