iDriveAware: Your comprehensive driver behavior monitoring app

An estimated 41% of workplace fatalities are caused by driving accidents.

Reduce motor vehicle accidents and injuries with meaningful analytics that help you understand driver behavior trends and provide actionable feedback based on performance. 

Changing your fleet’s safety culture, one turn at a time


decrease in driving events


improvement in right turns


improvement in left turns


employee engagement

As experienced by 2000 drivers over 12 months


Monitor your fleet, access coaching reports, and improve driving habits

Reduce distracted driving and improve safety

Group 108Access real-time movements and location of drivers

Group 108Track speeding, braking, cornering, and other unsafe driver behaviors

Group 108Gain insight into individual and organizational trends to target improvement and prevention

Group 108Customize alerts for distracted driving

Group 108Activate hands-free functionalites

Save costs

Group 108One app-based solution, with no additional hardware required

Group 108Access frequent routes to improve journey planning and reduce liabilities

Group 108Lower maintenance and insurance costs through improved safety outcomes

Group 108Improve fuel economy and vehicle uptime

Group 108Reduce corporate risk and uphold duty of care

Driver performance improvement made simple

An easy-to-use driver behavior monitoring app for drivers and a web-based portal for managers allows you to put the brakes on distracted and unsafe driving habits, preventing incidents before they occur.


iDriveAware driver behavior monitoring app for iOS and Android

An easy-to-use app for drivers that runs quietly in the background of your employee’s phone as they’re focused on the road.


iDriveAware web-based portal

A comprehensive portal for managers to tap into real-time contextual data to assess everyday driver actions and give feedback, all in one place.


What our customers are saying

“We were concerned that if someone was in a vehicle accident, we might not know for hours. Now, if an accident or emergency were to occur, we would find out. We can use employees as resources to help each other, and let them know the situation to make sure they can evacuate safely.”

“This is a step up in our safety –someone is always there. Aware360 has been very responsive and willing to help whenever we need it. It’s great service.”


Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are designed for SMBs and large enterprises whose workers carry out their duties alone, in remote locations, or in other hazardous situations such as working under adverse environmental conditions, operating at heights, and driving from one location to another.

How does Aware360 support my organization’s productivity goals?

Our preventative approach to safety allows you to manage workplace incidents more efficiently, using less time and resources. Our automated workflows allow your teams to optimize their day-to-day and save time as they go about their duties. A reliable safety management system not only means a safer and healthier work environment, but also a more efficient and productive workplace.

Do Aware360 solutions help keep you in compliance with lone worker legislation?

Aware360’s solutions are designed to improve safety and productivity, while helping you uphold duty of care. Our solutions are compliant with OSHA workplace safety regulations and an increasing number of jurisdiction-specific legislation.

Is it safe for drivers to use Aware360’s solutions?

Our safety solutions are designed to reduce distracted driving, which means your workers will not be required to actively interact with any solutions while behind the wheel. Hands-free functionalities are also available to access in-app features needed during their journey. Additionally, managers can access behavioral insights to proactively assess driving risks.

What is Aware360’s pricing?

Aware360’s pricing is personalized according to your business’ particular goals and needs. To get a quote, get in touch with our team here.

What industries does Aware360 service?

Aware360 serves more than 30 industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, utilities, healthcare, public sector, and field services.

Are Aware360’s systems active 24/7?

Our solutions exceed industry uptime requirements, available 24/7/365, with less than one hour of unplanned outage per year. You can access the real-time status of all of our platforms here:

Do I need to buy a device to use Aware360’s solutions?

Our solutions are fully supported by iOS and Android devices, which means your workers can use their personal or work-provided smartphones to access our solutions. We also offer additional optional devices to complement other needs your business might have, such as panic buttons, satellite devices, wearables, among others.

Where does Aware360 operate?

Based in Alberta, Canada, Aware360 offers its services to more than 400 companies across the globe, mainly present in Canada and the US, as well as in Africa, the Mideast and South America.

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