Ensure your workers have valid and current credentials to be successful

Credivera Wallet: workplace credentials verifying solution

As the safety of the workers is a priority, it is crucial that these workers have the right skills and credentials to successfully do their work. However, ensuring that your staff have the most up to date credentials to do their job is time consuming and often, inconsistent.

This is why Aware360 has teamed up with Credivera – to get accurate and reliable credential information anywhere, anytime.

The wallet holds your proven data. Our solution sources data from almost anywhere and visualizes it so it’s easy for you to read, sort, and share insights. This level of efficiency is what allows our clients to make more confident decisions, faster.

A Digital Credential is a digital record of a qualification, achievement of a person or company’s background, typically used to indicate that they are suitable or approved for a role or requirement.

workplace credentials verifying solution

What is Credivera Wallet?


  • A cloud-base solution that manages a worker’s credentials, certifications, and accomplishments
  • Verified by digitally sourcing and validating data directly from training and education providers
  • Allows you to verify your staff’s credentials to meet compliance and regulatory standards
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digital credentials, verifying and monitoring

Save Time and Costs with Credivera Wallet


  • Verified digital credentials direct from the institution creates trust in employee data
  • Reduced “on the job” training costs by hiring those with verified credentials
  • Reduced corporate risk having employees on jobs with outdated requirements
  • Decrease HR Administration involved in manual vetting process


How it works


Privacy Compliant


Verified Experience

Remove doubt regarding skill competency


Access credentials from anywhere in the world

Tamper Proof

Irrefutable audit trail for reporting

Simplified Recruitment

Real-time, verified career profiles


Verify your workforce and contribute to ESG metrics


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