Return to work safely with innovative solutions for COVID-19

Aware360: tools for a safe return to work

Software-based solutions that leverage your connected devices

The current pandemic has changed the way we live and do business. As people return to work, old processes and technology may not be suitable for new workplace health and safety requirements. Aware360 solutions use innovative technologies to support a safe workplace. Easy-to-use apps, wearables and other connected devices help your employees maintain social distancing, perform contact tracing if required, and provide real-time risk assessments. Our solutions are built for business, with robust reporting and stringent privacy settings. We’ve improved employee safety for many years, and we’re here to help you meet this latest challenge.

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Take the guesswork out of social distancing and contact tracing

It’s not easy to keep social distancing top-of-mind in a busy workplace. GoAware provides real-time proximity reminders and accurate contact tracing that help workers stay safe.

  • Real time social distancing reminders within two meters / six feet
  • Efficient and effective tools to improve contact tracing for positive test results
  • Protect workers and guests with the interoperable GoAware App and GoClip wearable
  • Data is hosted securely conforming to the strictest privacy requirements
  • Objective insights to ensure safety protocols are being followed
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Protect workers with real-time COVID-19 risk assessments and monitoring

When workers are on the move, it can be more difficult to keep them safe. SafetyAware, our lone worker safety solution, now includes real-time COVID-19 risk assessments and location logging for both employees and contractors.

  • Automatically log worker locations for site-specific contact records
  • Screen workers for coronavirus risk factors
  • Communicate quickly with workers in certain locations
  • Provide 24/7 emergency response
  • Reassure employees that they’re protected in the workplace
Learn how SafetyAware protects workers during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Pre-screen workers and guests with daily health assessments

Coronavirus can spread even before people show symptoms. Aware360’s Daily Checks help prevent unintended transmission and support your safe return to work.

  • Employ a simple web-based interface for both employees and guests
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality
  • Notify designated personnel about worker pass/fail status
  • Control permissions to enforce workplace safety protocols
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