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7 Reasons Why Your Employees Will Love Using SafetyAware

Discover why employees love SafetyAware: the standout lone worker app that prioritizes their safety and satisfaction.



As safety challenges change, so must our safety protocols adapt to protect our workers effectively. Businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions that prioritize their employees' health and safety while also enhancing operational efficiency. This is especially vital for lone workers who work in isolated or remote environments without supervision and account for around 15% of all employees

This is where Aware360 makes its mark. We pride ourselves on pioneering people-centric solutions that empower businesses with real-time monitoring, seamless communication, and rapid response capabilities. With the primary objective of safeguarding your people, Aware360 ensures you're equipped to make well-informed decisions promptly. 

Our flagship solution, SafetyAware, stands as a testament to our commitment to revolutionizing workplace safety. But why should your employees be the biggest advocates for this tool? Dive into our latest blog as we discover the features that set SafetyAware apart.

1. Seamless two-way communication

When it comes to workplace safety, effective communication is top of the list. Without it, the intricate operations, response, and monitoring machinery fall apart. But with SafetyAware, communication is not just maintained—it's elevated. Let's explore the seamless two-way communication capabilities and why it's a game changer for employees across a range of industries and jobs.

  • Uninterrupted connectivity: Imagine being in a remote site where standard communication channels fail and every minute can make a difference. SafetyAware ensures that no matter the challenges the environment poses, communication remains available with our satellite technology.
  • Empowering the isolated: No employee, irrespective of their location, should ever feel isolated or left to their own devices during critical moments. SafetyAware's two-way communication reassures workers that they're never alone.
  • Instant response: Time, especially in safety-critical scenarios, is of the essence. With SafetyAware’s real-time alerts, including SOS hazards and non-emergencies there is no delay when getting help to your lone worker.
  • Prioritizing people: It's not just about passing on information. It's about ensuring that the individual on the other end feels heard. This creates a system rooted in empathy, where employees feel valued and cared for.

With SafetyAware, seamless two-way communication isn't just a feature —it's a promise that brings comfort, assurance, and a sense of belonging to your employees, no matter their work environment.

2. Immediate, 24/7 support for peace of mind

Where unpredictability is constant, every lone worker wants a sense of security. With SafetyAware, that is not just a desire; it’s a reality. Here at Aware360, our solutions offer 24/7/365 live monitoring, support, and assistance for all types of alerts based on configurable escalation plans. However, what does this mean for your lone worker?

  • Constant support: Our solution offers support around the clock. Be it midnight or the break of dawn, our system is there to ensure that every employee makes it home at the end of the day.
  • Empowered decision-making: Knowing there’s backup provides your employees with the freedom to make informed, confident decisions in the field. They can approach challenges with the assurance of rapid support.
  • Peace of mind: Peace isn’t merely the absence of conflict—it's the presence of support. With SafetyAware, your employees can enjoy the peace of mind that stems from the knowledge that they're safeguarded at all times.

Download our SafetyAware brochure to get an in-depth look at what sets this safety solution apart from its competitors.

3. Freedom of device choice

SafetyAware worker centric platform connecting devices

In this ever-changing technological landscape, the devices we select become integral parts of our everyday lives. Aware360 understands this relationship, and we are committed to ensuring users have the liberty to select from an array of safety devices tailored to their specific job or sector. Let’s explore the advantages of this flexibility:

  • Universal compatibility: We understand that different industries require specialized safety equipment. Therefore, we offer a broad spectrum of devices including gas detectors, wearables, satellite communicators, and advanced fall detection systems. This variety ensures that organizations can equip their teams with the most appropriate tools for their specific work environment. Furthermore, whether your employees are team iOS or firmly in the Android camp, SafetyAware gracefully bridges the divide. This ensures that the majority of the smartphone-using population can effortlessly access its features.
  • No additional baggage: Safety should be accessible, not cumbersome. Your worker’s personal smartphones and added devices offer intuitive user interfaces so they can be deployed quickly. 
  • Advanced feature integration: Each device in our arsenal is more than just hardware; it's a sophisticated safety solution. Gas detectors provide alerts in hazardous environments, wearables offer health monitoring and location tracking, and fall detectors add a layer of security for those working at heights. By integrating these devices, SafetyAware delivers a holistic safety platform that addresses multiple risk factors.
  • Ease of adoption: Our range of devices is designed to integrate seamlessly into daily workflows. Whether it's a wearable that monitors vitals and sends alerts without impeding the task at hand, or a gas detector that automatically communicates hazardous levels to central monitoring systems, each device is built to enhance, not hinder, operational efficiency.
  • Empowering employee choice: Beyond the mentioned benefits, the freedom of device choice sends a powerful message to your employees. It speaks of trust, respect for individual preferences, and a commitment to integrating safety seamlessly into their daily lives.

Here at Aware360, we acknowledge the centrality of personal devices in today's world and ensure that safety isn't an add-on but an integrated, easily accessible feature. For employees, it means that protecting themselves is as simple as reaching for the device they know and love —their mobile phone.

4. Intuitive user interface with advanced functionalities

The ideal balance between functionality and usability is rarely achieved. Many software solutions pack in advanced features at the cost of user-friendliness, making them daunting for the everyday user. For Aware360, it has been our goal to maneuver this balancing act deftly. See how our platform's intuitive design has changed the way lone workers interact with safety tools.

  • Simplicity at its core: At the heart of SafetyAware lies a design philosophy that prioritizes user-friendliness. Its interface, while rich in features, maintains an intuitive layout, ensuring that even those with minimal tech experience find it approachable and easy to navigate.
  • Uncompromised functionality: Simplicity does not mean sacrificing capability. SafetyAware marries its user-friendly design with a suite of advanced functionalities.
  • Effective support and training: When introducing our solutions, we don't simply hand them over and step back. We assist in the setup and implementation, bolstered by our expert support and comprehensive training.

5. Preventive and proactive safety measures

Addressing hazards post-occurrence can be costly, both in terms of resources and lone worker well-being. SafetyAware takes this seriously by not only responding to risks but also anticipating them. By embracing a preventive and proactive stance, our solution ensures that safety isn't reactive but forward-looking. Let's explore the benefits your workers will experience when using SafetyAware.

  • Real-time support: With SafetyAware, workers are no longer left to rely on outdated safety practices or hindsight. Our system instantly recognizes potential threats based on a worker's real-time condition, ensuring immediate action and enhancing their sense of security.
  • Ensuring no worker is overlooked with check-in alerts: The isolation often felt by workers is eased knowing that SafetyAware is always on the lookout. Should they miss a check-in, an alert is promptly triggered, reinforcing the commitment to their well-being and ensuring timely assistance.
  • Navigating safely with geofencing: SafetyAware’s geofencing ensures workers always remain within safe parameters. If they ever approach a hazard-prone zone, they're immediately alerted, directing them back to safety, offering peace of mind as they navigate their surroundings.
  • Learning from the past to safeguard the future: SafetyAware doesn't just react; it anticipates. By examining historical data, the platform identifies patterns and potential risk areas. This means workers benefit from strategies that preemptively address threats before they even arise, helping ensure protection.

At its core, SafetyAware brings a transition from mere damage control to a state where potential hazards are anticipated and addressed head-on. By being a step ahead, you can ensure that safety isn’t just a response but a proactive defense.

6. Safety monitoring, not tracking

You can often walk a tightrope between connectivity and privacy with a network of interconnected devices and satellite technology. This brings with it the many concerns lone workers have about surveillance, overshadowing the genuine intent behind many safety tools. Enter SafetyAware, which is built upon a foundational belief: Safety is paramount, but it should never come at the expense of personal privacy. Let’s look into this commitment and see how we are changing the narrative around safety solutions.

  • Privacy-by-design: Differentiating between safety and surveillance, SafetyAware's architecture ensures that a worker's location is shared only when they're identified as being in distress. This not only reinforces trust but also proves our dedication to prioritizing genuine safety over intrusive monitoring.
  • Building trust and open communication: Transparency is at the heart of our operations. SafetyAware encourages open dialogue with its users, ensuring they recognize the platform as a tool of protection, not one of oversight or unwarranted intrusion.
  • Transparency and control in data management: With so many safety solutions flooding the market, our commitment to transparency and control sets us apart. SafetyAware is purpose-driven, collecting data solely to ensure user safety. Additionally, we uphold the highest standards of data protection, employing rigorous encryption protocols for all transmitted and stored data. This commitment safeguards our users and places their trust at the core of our mission.

SafetyAware: An unrivaled solution

Each feature, each protocol, and each design element relays a clear message: Your safety, satisfaction, and trust are paramount. From seamless communication to privacy measures, SafetyAware stands out as the ideal combination of technology and compassion. It encapsulates the essence of our commitment to the lone worker: that every individual, irrespective of their job or location, deserves to be safeguarded with the utmost care and diligence.

So, as the sun sets on another day, the thought of returning safely to our families becomes our driving force. And with SafetyAware by our side, this isn't just a hope; it's a reality. Who wouldn't want to harness every available resource to guarantee such peace of mind?

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