iDriveAware Now Includes Broadcast Feature to Enhance Driver Safety

iDriveAware Now Includes Broadcast Feature to Enhance Driver Safety

Calgary, Alberta, September 27, 2018 – Aware360 has released a new feature for iDriveAware software that lets companies broadcast real-time announcements to employees. Managers can push out alerts such as safety reminders, dangerous weather events, company messages and other communications to any of their users on the iDriveAware platform. Managers now have an immediate platform to reach users of their choice for mission-critical communications.  

iDriveAware uses advanced technology to improve driving behavior, increase safety and reduce costs. Intelligence from the AI engine gives managers critical insight into driver activity, and identify patterns such as increased incidents late in the day or near weekends. With the new broadcast feature, managers can run communication campaigns to remind drivers to stay safe at critical times. Managers can also monitor environmental and traffic issues that may impact drivers, and send instant alerts about revised routes or changes.

“Good driving behavior is influenced by proactive communication, ongoing vigilance and awareness,” says Steve Matthews, CEO of Aware360. “With iDriveAware, we provide best-in-class tools using the latest technologies to help companies keep their drivers safe. The broadcast feature helps drivers avoid hazards before they occur and increase safety for everyone on the road.”

The new iDriveAware feature is available at no charge through a software update pushed out automatically to all customers.


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Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to ensure they will have help whenever it’s needed. Driven by our passion for people, Aware360 creates solutions to connect people with personal technology to those who care and can help. This ensures people are safe, especially when they are exposed to social, environmental or health risks.

From workers in the most remote locations to delivery drivers in urban areas, we provide the technology and response network to ensure their safety anywhere in the world. That’s the power of PeopleIoT™ solutions. 

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