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5 Tips to Reduce Distractions while Driving

October is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Learn how Aware360 is helping organizations reduce distracted driving accidents and deaths



Driving is one of the most dangerous activities that humans can partake in. Approximately 80% of road collisions involve some type of distracted driving. Surprisingly, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), fatalities on the road have actually increased during the COVID-19 pandemic despite quarantines and more people working from home.

As a safety technology leader, Aware360 is joining the NSC in their Distracted Driving Awareness Month campaign. For October, we will be showcasing distracted driving content on our social media platforms, such as tips on how to minimize phone-use while driving to raise awareness about distracted driving. Need quick tips on the dangers of distracted driving and how to reduce it? Download the infographic here.

5 Tips to Eliminate Distracted Driving:

1) Lock your phone in the glovebox. Having your phone within an arm's reach can be tempting. A simple text message or phone call will have your eyes off the road in a matter of seconds. Locking it away requires zero willpower and is a cost-effective way to drive safely.

2) Cut the snacks. We've all been there, you're behind the wheel, and your stomach begins growling. A simple drink/food spill can take your eyes off the road for a few seconds, and before you know it, you're in an accident. Before a long drive, eat something light to keep you going distraction-free.

3) Secure loose items. A sudden harsh brake or sharp turn can have smaller items in the car flying everywhere. Fastening items in the trunk, floor, or seat before driving will eliminate the risk so you can get to where you are going safely.

4) Keep your eyes on the road. Sunsets and lovely views of the city are incredible when you're stationary, but they do put you at risk for a collision if you stare too long. Be sure to always keep your eyes on the cars in front and behind you.

5) Use Technology the Right Way: Phones are the most distracting item in the vehicle and using them greatly increases your chance of collision, but there are apps that can help! Using Aware360’s LifeSaver Mobile solution enables organizations to block phone use automatically while workers drive, while allowing necessary apps like Maps to stay open. Additionally, you can use the iDriveAware App to monitor driver behavior including when drivers are handling their phones.

Our goal as a company is to ensure workers' safety and productivity while reducing corporate risk, and the prevention of distracted driving aligns well with that goal. Our suite of driving safety solutions, like iDriveAware and LifeSaver, gives your business the tools and data to eliminate distracted driving.


Download the Distracted Driving Infographic Here


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