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Aware4Duty Featured in Top Safety Magazines

Aware4Duty, our fatigue assessment solution, has recently been featured in Canadian Occupational Safety and Occupational Health and Safety Canada magazines



Aware360’s fatigue and impairment assessment solution, Aware4Duty, has recently been featured in Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Canada magazines as a solution that safety professionals can use to improve employee safety and productivity.

According to the National Safety Council, fatigue estimated to cost employers around $136 billion a year in lost productivity. Traditionally, employers would resort to drug and alcohol testing to prevent and discourage impairment in the workplace. However, these methods are costly, invasive, and ineffective at identifying fatigue-related impairment.  

Aware4Duty is innovative app-based cognitive assessment that evaluates worker fatigue and impairment in 60 seconds or less. Validated by both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the app ensures workers are fit for duty.

Aware4Duty measures fitness for duty with privacy, objectivity, and fairness in mind and takes that duty of care burden off supervisors ready to work.

“Aware4Duty’s ability to detect fatigue and other sources of impairment through a smartphone or tablet allows employers to identify workers who may have an increased safety risk without compromising personal privacy,” says Steve Matthews, Aware360 CEO.

When describing Aware4Duty, Garrett Desruisseaux, Aware360's Senior Product Manager, said the following:

“It’s similar to a brain game or memory game. The worker is shown a series of shapes and asked to identify whether any shape is different from the rest or whether they are all the same,” 

To learn more about your organization's fatigue risk, take the fatigue risk assessment here!


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