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Utilities plays a very important role in our lives, from both social and economic perspectives. Any disruptions in service delivery can drive many functions in our society to a grinding halt. Despite the importance of this industry, revenue continues to drop year over year (average of 6.9% drop per year since 2015), which means, employers are facing increasing pressure to do more with less.

Additionally, with the world striving to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emission goals, the need for advanced technology to improve safety and productivity in this industry is critical.

At Aware360, we have the experience and expertise in the utilities industry to help your organization address safety and productivity challenges.


Safety Challenges in Utilities

Safety Challenges in Utilities

Between 2003 to 2010, there were over 160 reported deaths due to contact with electric current in the United States. In addition to electrical hazards, employees who are frequently dealing with gas, water, and sewage are also exposed to environmental risks and hazards.

Lone working has also become commonplace for those working in this industry. Many employees regularly travel between, and work in sites alone, empty properties and client homes. Lone working brings with additional risks in addition to other common hazards such as:

  • Working in confined spaces often with electrical equipment
  • Working at heights and the potential of falling from height
  • Working near water
  • Working with hazardous substances

One option we offer to help address the top safety issue of slips, trips and falls is our Belle X wearable as part of our SafetyAware solution. This lightweight device offers check-in, fall detection, and SOS in the event of an emergency.

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How does technology keep utilities workers safe?

Productivity Challenges in Utilities

The industry is facing strong headwinds. The surge in demand for advanced technology, smart cities, and electric mobility coupled with the growing demand for renewable energy sources and sustainability, as well as demands for better service delivery as cities and population continue to grow means that businesses are pressured to work smarter.

Aware360 has the solutions you need to improve your workers’ productivity – as an example, our Aware4Duty solution helps manage fatigue and mitigate impairment.

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Productivity Challenges in Utilities

How does technology keep utilities workers safe?

The utility industry is evolving. It is becoming much more agile and lean in the way that they approach how they do business and new technologies are fundamental for the industry to be successful. Our connected worker solutions provide the technology and response network through fully integrated, people-centric IoT solutions. We leverage apps, devices and systems, to ensure people are seamlessly connected 24/7, anywhere in the world.

At Aware360, we understand the need for positive return on an investment in safety. For every dollar invested in a strong health and safety program, businesses can reduce expenses by 40% percent and see a 600% ROI.

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