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SafetyAware: Employee Safety Solutions

Whether within the city or out in remote areas, we provide solutions to ensure your employees’ safety and provide peace of mind.

The need for employers to protect their employees is real and urgent: in North America alone 5,000 workers are killed on the job each year.

Workers with the greatest risk of fatality and injury include those who work alone, handle cash, are in remote areas, drive daily, are in high-stress environments or have to travel to previously unknown places especially ones who often work alone or in risky environments.

To improve the safety of employees, Aware360 connects workers to professional response center agents who provide the right type of assistance should an incident occur.

Solving complex problems, our solutions are keeping employees — of all types — safe while also increasing productivity.

At Risk Workers Safety Solution

At-Risk Workers

For employees working in the most hazardous sectors such as construction, natural resources, healthcare, enforcement or transportation, Aware360 offers complete employee safety solutions to ensure every worker can receive assistance or medical help when it is needed most. Using satellite (GPS) devices, smartphone apps and wearables we ensure the right technology is deployed for each unique situation.

  • Lone Workers
  • Employees in Hazardous Environments
  • Remote Workers
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Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Employees Who Drive

Whether your business is centered around service and delivery drivers or you simply have employees who occasionally drive while working, these members of your workforce are at a higher level of risk. Driving is the most dangerous task an employee does; statistics show, 41% of all fatal workplace injuries are caused by vehicle collisions, even more alarmingly 90% of these are due to human error.

While traditional telematics solutions provide productivity and efficiency tools, many lack the strategies to reduce crashes caused by human error. Our driver safety solutions put greater focus on the person and their driving behavior. Leveraging mobile technologies, connected devices and wearables we aim to protect the driver both inside and outside the vehicle.

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Travelling employee safety solution

Employee and Executive Travel

As important as it is to travel for work to meet potential customers, partners and vendors, it is equally crucial that you pay sufficient attention to your employee’s safety needs.

The nature of travel for business is usually characterized by high stress associated with going to new places and the need to perform well, not to mention jetlag. Train, plane, bus, boat, with any mode of transportation you can rest assured your people will arrive safely and receive assistance wherever they may be.

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Personal Technology

Aware360 integrates best-in-class wearables and devices to ensure optimal safety.

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