Protecting your workers while ensuring compliance

SafetyAware at Home: Protecting your teleworkers while ensuring compliance

Many employers are moving into hybrid or fully remote workplaces but are faced with new risks and liabilities. Many lone worker legislation now apply to a teleworkers and employees working from home. Working from home is considered as working in isolation and employers must have a system in place to check on employee well-being. Since family members and the presence of others that may render assistance cannot be guaranteed, teleworking or working from home is considered working alone and a check-in system must be in place between the employee and their supervisor or a designate.

Based on the SafetyAware engine, our SafetyAware at Home provides employees and supervisors a mechanism to easily check in and out via a web based app. This allows for flexibility, scalability and quick deployment with no interruptions or downtime.


How It Works


safety aware at home

Users login through the web app at the beginning of their work day

safety aware at home

A designated safety contact receives an email confirmation for every daily sign in

safety aware at home

Users logoff via the web app at the end of their work day


  • A reminder email will be sent to workers if they do not sign in or off at the designated start and end of their work days.
  • Daily and weekly reporting is available to designated safety contacts and administrators.
safety aware at home

Features and Benefits


  • Easy to use
  • Simple, automatic process
  • Automated reporting for administrators
  • Complies with worker legislation
  • Data is encrypted for privacy purposes
  • Reduces corporate risks and liabilities
  • Emergency SOS (coming soon)


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