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Program Benefits

Here’s what you can expect as an Aware360 partner.

  • Leverage-client-base

    Leverage your current client-base

    Increase sales to your current client-base through the addition of new technology and an exception-based platform.

  • Attract-New-Customers

    Attract New Customers

    Enter into new markets with leading-edge technology to ensure the health & safety of people.

  • Expand your offerings

    Expand your offerings

    Be able to deliver the latest in wearables, apps and biometric devices without the need for any technical expertise.

  • Join our partner ecosystem

    Join our partner ecosystem today!

    Become a part of a growing network of Real Time Response Partners throughout the world.

How Does Our Partner Program Work?

We enable your business to succeed with simple go-to market tools

To create fully end-to-end safety solutions for customers we’ve created a robust and growing ecosystem of many types of organizations and individuals. For consultants, response professionals, technology manufacturers, security integrators, IoT platform providers and agents who partner with us we provide an easy go-to market strategy, lead generation, marketing tools, training, support, and much more.

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Impressive Solutions to Put in Your Toolbox


Employee Safety


Enterprises of all shapes and sizes have employees that need to be accounted for, especially lone workers. Your enterprise customers will benefit from having check-in services, alerts and notifications available for their employees at the click of a button with the a mobile app, satellite devices and wearable options.

Should a critical event occur, workers are connected to a Real Time Response Partner who provides the appropriate escalations.

put the brakes on distracted driving by employees


Driving is the most dangerous task a person does every day. While traditional telematics solutions provide hardware to improve efficiency and to log events, many lack the strategies to reduce crashed caused by human error.

Instead, we offer driver safety solutions which put greater focus on the person and their driving behavior. Using the latest mobile apps, connected devices and wearables you can provide real time, proactive alerts as well as emergency assistance anywhere in the world.

employee safety


According to the National Safety Council, 69% of employees are tired at work. Fatigue can affect performance, and in high-risk activities mistakes can be fatal. It only takes a minute to gain peace-of-mind that your team has arrived at the job site fit for duty. The Aware4Duty app is a simple cognitive test that assesses alertness. It improves safety and efficiency by identifying risks before they become incidents.

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With Aware360 your business can expect to:

  1. Increase revenue from your current customers through selling cutting-edge technology
  2. Attract new customers in B2B and B2C markets through providing tools send & receive alerts for critical health and safety events.
  3. Be a part of sales & marketing initiatives focused on getting YOU more customers.

Aware360 solutions are mainly focused around the health and safety of people and assets. Any organization looking to ensure the well-being of personnel and equipment through real time technology and live monitoring could see the benefits of Aware360 solutions. Industries Aware360 target markets include (but are not limited to) Energy, Government Entities, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation, Real Estate, Judicial and Educational Institutions.

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