Contact Tracing and Real Time Social Distancing Reminder Solutions

Enterprise-ready tools for a safe return to work


Workplaces are at a high risk for the spread of viruses like COVID-19, especially where workers are in close proximity. Business leaders have a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for both the health of their workers and for their ongoing business continuity.

Aware360’s GoAware App and GoBand wearable provide organizations the tools to manage a safe return to work. Both the App and the wearable securely store contacts and provide an easy-to-use contact tracing process for organizations. Additionally, the GoBand wearable helps workers maintain social distancing with real time reminders.


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goaware app

GoAware App: Digital Contact Tracing

Workplace contact tracing can help businesses avoid closures and ensure worker health and safety. GoAware provides your workers a quick and easy way to securely store close contacts through a smartphone app.

  • Leverage devices your workers already have – GoAware is available on iOS and Android smartphones
  • Maintain business continuity
  • Comply with government and public health regulations
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goband wearable

GoBand: No smartphones, no problem

If your organization requires an alternative to smartphones, the GoBand device offer a cost-effective option to provide social distancing reminders and securely store close contacts.

  • Real time social distancing reminders (vibration and visual notification)
  • Securely stores contact tracing data
  • Great for guests and visitors to your workplace
  • One week battery life with rechargeable battery
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goaware secure portal

Secure contact tracing for positive cases

The GoAware and GoBand solutions provide a step-by-step process for organization’s administrators and HR representatives to perform contact tracing should a worker test positive.

  • Safely upload contact tracing data for workers who test positive
  • Analyze contact trace information to identify impacted workers
  • Make informed business continuity decisions based on your data
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