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Striving to enhance lives through our PeopleIoT™ solutions.

Who is Aware360?

We are passionate about people and create solutions to keep employees, students, families and those living with disease safe. We understand people are the most important part of a workplace, life or student experience and strive to provide the tools to ensure they will have help whenever it’s needed.

From workers in the most remote parts of the world to young adults attending college for the first time, we provide the technology and response network to ensure their safety anywhere in the world. Putting people first in the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s the power our PeopleIoTTM solutions.

Benefits of Becoming Aware

Our goal is to guarantee people make it home safely to their loved ones.

Benefits of Aware
  • Devices – No matter the situation we take care of finding the right device for your people.
  • Platform – Powerful, dependent and secure our Control Center translates what’s happening and alerts the right people.
  • Response – Through our network of Real Time Response Partners we ensure there’s someone who can find you the right help anywhere in the world.

Our Core Values

These are our beliefs.

People first

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Real Time Data

Aware360's cloud-based and mobile solutions provide you with the real time information to manage your people and their assets anywhere in the world.

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Device Agnostic

Aware360 integrates a variety of devices & machines. Whatever the issue or use case, we'll find the best technology.

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Agile API

Connect any of your devices into Aware360 in minutes. Build custom integrations using simple, robust and intuitive APIs.

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Online & Offline

On the cloud or on-premise...it's up to you. Use our world-class infrastructure or control your data yourself.

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Push & Pull Data

All Aware360 solutions provide true two-way communications, making it easy to manage data to and from devices quickly and reliably.

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Infinite Connectivity

Fast, seamless connectivity comes standard regardless of your use case, whether satellite, cellular, ZigBee, Bluetooth or WiFi.

World-Class Relationships

Each and every day, Aware360 helps diverse industry leaders implement progressive PeopleIoTTM programs.

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