Maintain a safe and efficient worksite with a simple impairment and alertness evaluation

Aware4Duty: cognitive screening software
to measure impairment and fatigue


According to the National Safety Council, 69% of employees are tired at work. Fatigue can affect performance, and in high-risk activities mistakes can be fatal. It only takes a minute to gain peace-of-mind that your team has arrived at the job site fit for duty. The Aware4Duty app is a simple cognitive test that assesses alertness. It improves safety and efficiency by identifying risks before they become incidents.


Assess your organization’s fatigue risk

Aware4Duty is a scientifically proven, non-invasive game-like assessment taken via an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The score quickly and simply identifies potential impairment from fatigue, medication, illness, extreme stress or substance abuse. The focus is on level of impairment rather than cause of impairment, removing judgement from management and potential opposition from the workforce.

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Protect workers in seconds

The app-based evaluation takes less than 90 seconds. It’s so quick that it can be completed before a shift, during a break, or multiple times a day without disrupting productivity. Aware4Duty can be used onsite or at a remote work location using any Apple or Android smart device.

Regardless of location, workers can be assessed:

  • Use the screen before driving or other higher risk duties
  • Get instant results in the app and compare to historical data


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Ensure privacy, objectivity and fairness

Alertness testing with Aware4Duty protects worker privacy while keeping them safe, to create a respectful and productive workplace.

  • Protect privacy with a non-invasive process that does not seek out impairment cause
  • Avoid bias with an image-based tool anyone can use
  • Keep information secure with password-protected log-in 

Identify issues before they’re problems

Based on scientific cognitive studies, Aware4Duty measures cognitive function based on response and recall. A dashboard for managers provides an objective report on employee alertness.

  • Receive instant notifications of workers’ readiness for the job
  • Manage and track employee profiles
  • Review detailed statistics to identify trends
  • Inform safety programs with insight into workers’ cognitive health


Read about the science behind Aware4Duty

How it works

1. Download the app
2. Establish your baseline
3. Complete assessment in under 90 seconds
4. Results are recorded
5. Management is alerted for scores outside the normal range

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