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Around 24 million people, 15% of the American workforce, work in the government and public sectors, and in Canada, the Public Services of Canada is the largest employer in the country.

Civil servants work in a variety of fields that deliver a broad range of public services including sanitation, public utility work, streets maintenance, social and healthcare services, emergency services, and more. Many of these roles present a variety of social and environmental risks hazards.

At Aware360, we have the experience and expertise in the public sector industry to help your organization address safety and productivity challenges.

Safety Solutions for Public Sector Workers

Safety Challenges in the Public Sector

In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States reported 415 fatalities in the Government (Federal, State, and Local) sector, which equates to 9% of total work-related fatalities.

The public sector also faces increased scrutiny and expenditure associated with managing and adhering with compliance across their departments. As the leader and regulator in occupational health and safety standards, the public sector is held to higher standard when it comes to worker safety. There is also a greater need to demonstrate transparency and accountability to protect their own workers.

One option we offer to help address the top safety issue of slips, trips and falls is our Belle X wearable as part of our SafetyAware solution. This lightweight device offers check-in, fall detection, and SOS in the event of an emergency.

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Safety Solutions for Public Sector Workers

Productivity Challenges in the Public Sector

Contrary to popular belief, the size of the federal government proportionate to the total U.S. population has significantly decreased over the last 50 years. There is less desire for people to enter public services workforce. With one third of the federal workforce on United States eligible to retire between now and 2025, there is a growing labour shortage in the industry. This has caused workers to work more with less, increasing the strain on employees and worker fatigue which directly impacts decision-making and performance.

Aware360 has the solutions you need to improve your workers’ productivity – as an example, our Aware4Duty solution helps manage fatigue and mitigate impairment.

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Safety Solutions for Public Sector Workers

How does technology keep public servants safe?

In addition to labour shortage, the public sector’s response to the pandemic resulted in rapid change and transformation generally not seen in government. From telehealth to telework, virtual courts to virtual education, many large-scale digital innovations are rolling out at an unprecedented speed.

The digital infrastructure, digital workforce, and both citizen-facing and employee connectivity are not just useful during the pandemic; they will lay the foundation for digital government for years to come. This will also influence the transformation in worker safety technology.

While many areas in government still use traditional check-in procedures to ensure the safety of lone workers, this approach has been proven not fast enough and does not enable precise real-time location.

These challenges demand that ministries, agencies, and departments evolve their operations to take advantage of the solutions offered by technology to protect their workers.

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