Aware360 Driver Behavior and Safety Solutions

Real time proactive alerts to reduce risky driving behavior through a low-cost, software based solutions.

Driving is the most dangerous task an employee does; statistics show that 41% of all fatal workplace injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. According to the National Safety Council, an alarming 90% of crashes are caused by human error.

Most In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) solutions focus on the vehicle and its operations, with little regard for the driver. Aware360’s Driver Management System is an all-encompassing software solution that focuses on the driver. Our solution not only preserves driver safety but provides behavior improvement alerts and technology tools to aid in hazard identification and risk reduction.

Our Driver Behavior and Safety solution is comprised of three core modules: Driver Behavior, Driver Safety and Real Time Response. In addition, there are optional add-on modules – dependent on your company’s specific requirement – including Journey Management, Fatigue Management, ELD Compliance and Driver Well Being

Driver Emergency Response Monitoring Solution

Driver Emergency Response

In-case of emergencies such as crashes, violent attacks or injury we provide the technology to be able to access help anytime, anywhere. With certified response centers around the world and customizable emergency response plans, you can be certain you’ll receive the right type of help immediately.

  • Crash detection
  • Missed check-in response
  • Receive help 24 x 7 x 365
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Driver Behavior Notifications and Monitoring

Driver Behavior Notifications

According to the National Safety Council, an alarming 90% of car collisions are caused by human error. Fortunately, this means there’s a lot of room for improvement through changes in driver behavior. Our mobile, software-based solutions put greater focus on the driver – providing proactive warnings to warn the driver when they should make changes, creating better habits and improving behavior behind the wheel.

  • Harsh breaking & acceleration
  • Cell phone use / distracted driving
  • Hard turns, swerving & jerking
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Journey Management Solution

Journey Management

Whether you’re taking a car, train, boat or plane, it’s important to make sure you can ask for help and that you safely meet all your checkpoints along the way. With no hardware to install, our mobile solutions are easy to use and travel with you wherever you may go.

  • Trip risk assessments
  • Easy itinerary uploading
  • For all modes of transportation
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Drive Fatigue Detection Management

Fatigue Management

For around 21% of motor vehicle collisions fatigue is a factor, resulting in around 400 deaths per year in . New wearable technology now can indicate the driver is sleepy, even before the onset of fatigue symptoms. With audible, proactive alerts for drivers our solutions help keep drivers and those they share the road with safer.

Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, 2010

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Electronic Logging Device

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Management

New regulations require ELDs to be used across North America. While this technology forces drivers to stick to specific times guidelines, it barely helps to improve driver safety. Our solutions integrate with ELDs to ensure drivers are keeping on schedule while also providing them with real time alerts and notifications to keep them safe.

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Reporting tools
  • Full compliance
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