Improving Risk Management and Connectivity in Construction

The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the world. Workers in construction face unique social and environmental risks and has become one of the most dangerous industries for workers. Throughout their working day, these workers face various conditions such as working with moving vehicles, heavy equipment, at height, and working with hazardous materials.

As the construction industry is projected to grow further ($15,482 billion in 2023), more workers and technology will be incorporated to meet these growing demands. More than ever, there is a dire need for modern measures in protecting worker safety and improving productivity. 

At Aware360, we have the experience and expertise in the construction industry to help your organization address safety and productivity challenges.

Safety and Productivity in the Construction industry

Safety Challenges in Construction

In 2020 in the US, one in five work-related deaths was in the construction industry – a tragic 1,008 fatalities in a single year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the leading causes of worker deaths in the construction industry are the “fatal four”:

  • Falls (over 36%)
  • Being struck by an object (over 10%)
  • Electrocution (nearly 9%)
  • Being caught in or between equipment (2.5%)

To combat such incidents, employers must provide means for check-in, fall detection, and SOS in the event of an emergency. Aware360 offers a hands-free wearable solution, the Belle X, as part of our SafetyAware platform – keeping at-risk workers connected at all times. 

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Safety and Productivity in the Construction industry

Productivity Challenges in Construction

Over the past 20 years, the annual productivity growth in the construction industry has only increased by one percent. Each year of lagging productivity costs the sector $1.6 trillion in potential growth.

Underinvestment in technology is one of the root cause of low productivity. While there has been progress in adapting technology such as mobile technology, wearables, and cloud storage to help increase productivity, the industry is slow to adapt new technology.

Aware360 has the solutions to support your seamless adaptation to technology – as an example, Aware4Duty can be easily integrated into your safety program to manage fatigue and mitigate impairment, making your workforce more productive.



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Safety and Productivity in the Construction industry

How does technology keep construction workers safe?

Investing in technologies can:

  • Help proactively prevent injuries
  • Improve response times to risks
  • Limit incident exposure
  • Improve employee morale
  • Reduce related insurance costs.

Fewer injuries means employees can spend more time working, improving productivity. With the right technology in place, construction companies can continue to improve employee satisfaction and retention as well as overall project quality, profit margins, and industry reputation.

At Aware360, we understand the need for positive return on an investment in safety. For every dollar invested in a strong health and safety program, businesses can reduce expenses by 40% percent and see a 600% ROI.


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