Lone Worker Safety Solution

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Developing a Comprehensive Employee Safety Program for Remote Locations


After learning that across North America more than 5,500 workers die on the job every year, a multinational organization approached us to help them reduce worker fatalities1, 2. Their main worries were the safety of the employees working in remote locations, often out of shouting distance to colleagues, as well as their drivers.

In addition, the client brought a unique set of challenges, such as managing a massive organization with remote locations across the globe, and the need to integrate with their legacy tracking systems.


Aware360 took on the role as primary organization responsible for project management of the initiative to properly manage both the client and their many vendors. Leveraging mobile apps for worker safety in the city and driver behavior, satellite devices for those working in remote locations and a mobile app for travelling employees we implemented a company-wide safety solution.

To provide cost-savings for the company, their legacy tracking devices were also integrated onto the same platform. In the future, this technology will be phased out as it becomes dated or broken.


Now, all the organization’s people and assets are visible on one, cloud-based platform. This has made it easy for them to see where everyone is and send emergency notifications – not to mention they now has peace of mind knowing their employees will receive help whenever it’s needed.


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